Thursday, March 12, 2009

eBooks vs Physical Books

I read both types of books. eBooks are FREE and easily found. You can practically download any book you want provided someone shares it. ;) My favourite source has got to be the :) Many would say they prefer reading the real book rather than reading an ebook. I prefer reading a real book too.

Here are some reasons why ebooks are lovely.
2. Can be read inbetween windows...would be very lovely when you have to wait for some batch programs to finish executing.
3. Comes in various formats; .pdf, .doc, .lit, .html and maybe many you can pick which formats you're comfortable with. Anyhow, it still depends on availability.
4. Others won't know you're actually happily reading a book...unless they read ebooks too coz it will look like just another document. ;)
5. You can "window shop" have whatever book u want!!!! Could eat up your disk space though.

I still read ebooks from time to time. Think the best is when the book has >200pages. If you need a technical book, ebook is the best too!!!! If you happen to wanna copy some lines of codes, you can just copy and paste it....and then ammend to your prog. Ez-pz. :) LOVELY.

On the other hand, the physical books are still the best coz you can bring it anywhere you go without needing a laptop and power supply. You can lay down with it and read it in any positions you're comfortable in while reading. It doesn't occupy any disk spaces but it occupies the space in your room/house...and of course the bookshelves. Well, itz a beautiful sight. *recalling Rainbow Bookshelf* This may sound odd but the smell of books are also nice...hihihi


dania said...

ebooks doesn't give the satisfaction like reading a book in your hand :)

Anna said...

I love ebooks too. I totally agree with you especially on technical books. Its very handy to be able to just copy paste the codes, or to just press Ctrl+F and jump straight to the page with the sentence that u wanted. And, I kinda like to sneak in a read once in a while at the lab when I get bored. ;p

Otherwise, I prefer the physical books. Coz;
1. It hurts my eyes and back after reading for too long on the computer. Especially if the books are really interesting ones and its harder to stop reading.
2. I love holding (and reading) the books in my hands. Esp while waiting for a train, etc. And I love the smell of books too. Well, the new ones at least.
3. I love looking at my bookshelves, knowing that my favourite books are nearby. I think full bookshelves looks better than wallpaper any day.

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