Friday, March 6, 2009

Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison

Shoe Addicts Anonymous
Beth Harbison
Arrow Books

Women can never have enough pair of shoes. Four women became best of friends when they started exchanging shoes every week. Lorna started the group to satisfy her addiction for shoes and to reduce the amount of money she spends on shoes. Helene, the unhappy wife of a well-known politician got her credit card blocked by husband when she wanted to buy shoes when he's not happy with her. Sandra loves shoes but she barely gets out of her house; agoraphobia. Joss is the only one who is not an addict. In fact, she wonders what is so fascinating about shoes. She joined the Shoe Addicts Anonymous every week just to get out of her employer's house as they are telling her to do tasks out of her job scope. It all ended well. =) One of them has a baby. One of them has a goodlooking boyfriend who designs shoes. The other 2? You gotta read to find out. =p Conclusion is...everyone of them has unlimited supply of shoes. The storyline is clear and I believe every girl would enjoy reading it too. One of the books which got me smiling from time to time while I read. As you get pass the middle, you wouldn't wanna put it down. ;)

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