Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bookz I'm Waitin' For!!!

Many bookz will be released like every other of now, I'm waiting for the following bookz to be released so that I get my hands on them!

Title : Twenties Girl
Author : Sophie Kinsella
Tentative release date : August 2009
Why I'm waiting?
It is SOPHIE KINSELLA!!!!Of coz I wanna read!!!! 'Nuff said =p

Title : Bobbi Brown Make Up Manual
Author : Bobbi Brown
Tentative release date : N/A
Why I'm waiting?
Well, it is not that I'm a big fan of Bobbi Brown and I do not buy too many of its range either...From the 'trailer', it is a book for ALL. I believe it will be useful to know the basic do's and dont's, teaches you how to select the right colours and of course for the right occasion and etc. Sounds pretty good to me. ;) What's best? They believe blushers go first! My blushers go first all the time coz blushers are simply the best to be on the face first as it gives you a nice feeling to make the rest of your face (& also makes you look done!) and is the best (and also my fav.) member of the make up family coz it could be on its own after moisturizer and powder. =p Ok...better stop blabbin' 'bout make-upz. Don't wanna chase the guyz from reading my blog. Anyway guyz, itz not so easy to be girls but it is FUN! ;)

I wonder if Mitch Albom will come up with a new book this year
Will add more when there'z more..*teehee*

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