Saturday, February 14, 2009

Malaysia Book Community on Facebook

I believe many of us (if i can't say ALL of us) are on Facebook.
A new group has been created by a booklover names Vincent Cheng; BooksterHub.
Its main aim is to gather all the booklovers together to discuss and share about books with other booklovers. I'm soooooo happy the moment I saw it advertised and joined right away! (Yes,I'm that excited!)

As of now, Vincent is on the mission to gather atleast 1000 members. He plans to approach the local bookstores like MPH, Times, Borders and Popular to entitle us to have discounts and vouchers while promoting books in their stores on BooksterHub.The current number of members as I'm typing this is 966. ;)
I believe I've invited most of you on my Facebook to join this group too. However, IF I happen to miss you out, click here to join the group.

C'mon guyz! Letz realize this. I really hope we can get discounts and all. Plus, we have RM1000 exemption from tax for bookz!!!!

Hope to see you guyz in the group soon.

To those who are already members, here's a news for you. BooksterHub site will be launched once it reaches 1000 members AND get a collaboration with atleast A bookstore, that is when perks come in! We might get free books to read and review! Looks like BooksterHub is seriously going to be HUGE! :D I soooo can't wait! I believe you can't too so letz reach 1000 asap!

Not interested?Not a booklover?No prob. Just spread the news to others who might be interested. ;)


Nor Sofiah Ahmad said...

Hi, I link you now. Booklover? same with me.

. Ruz . said...

Good to here that!! :D

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