Friday, February 20, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
F. Scott Fitzgerald

When I started reading the first chapter, here's what I know; IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE MOVIE I WATCHED. The story started from the day Benjamin Button was born. He was (of course) born old and wrinkled. He could talk and eat like an old man. His father tried very hard to raise him like a normal kid. He dyed Benjamin's hair. Shaved his facial hair and even dressed him up to look like a kid. Benjamin grew younger from looking like his father's father to his father's brother. Matters got worse when he has his own child named Roscoe and when Roscoe has a child. He just kept growing younger until he needed a nanny in the end.

For those who wants or have watched Benjamin Button the movie, let me elaborate how the story in the book is different from what is played in the movie. Firstly, the book didn't mention his mother died after she gave birth to him but the idea was there anyway. Roger Button did not abandon his old-looking baby at some old folk's shelter and he does not own a button factory. He owns a factory which produces nails. Benjamin was supposed to be named Methuselah but Roger Button changed his mind due to Benjamin's condition. Benjamin could talk the moment he was born. He managed to get into Yale but he was later expelled due to his looks.

He then got married to the most sought-after girl (not a professional dancer) and has a son named Roscoe not a girl like in the movie. Roscoe knows his father. Therefore, no letters were left for him to read at his mother's death bed. Roger Button did not leave Benjamin Button and Benjamin Button did not leave Roscoe Button. In the story, as Benjamin grew younger, he became his grandchild's playmate. The story did not end with him dying in his wife's arms. Best of all, the book didn't mention about the clock which ticks in anti-clockwise direction. =p

Which one do I prefer? Well, pretty hard to tell. It is 2 different stories with the same focus; someone born old but keeps getting younger everyday.

Note :
No pic for this book as it was read on an iPod Touch. Those with iPod Touch or iPhone, get Stanza. The book is free. :)


aMiR said...
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aMiR said...

Great. Whats the point of making a movie based on a novel just to twist it around with just the basic point intact.

Its like having capt Ahab in moby dick chasing over a donkey instead of a whale.haha.

ieja said...

you have the book? wow!

. Ruz . said...

ieja, i don't. i downloaded it via Stanza on iPod Touch. :)


hi ruz,

interesting ..although I'm more to the non-fiction stuff ....Anyway ..Karangkraf will be having sort of like a mini carnival ..end of Feb...good place to get some Malay novels ...


Ricebug2 said...

I wonder how Benjamin Button looks like when he were 80 years old... x) I want to watch that movie also, but I busy preparing my coming exam... >.<

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