Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Complete Dave Pelzer series :)

Finally get a complete set of Dave Pelzer's. (Thanks honey!XOXO)

Well,told you guyz I wanna get the book after A Child Called 'It'...the book is no longer available in Bookxcess. Ended up in Kinokuniya after work and saw My Story; a compilation of all the 3 books written by Dave Pelzer. (A Child Called 'It', The Lost Boy and A Man Named Dave).

Price : RM49.90 ONLY
Sponsored by : Mr. Prince Charming ;)

Lemme show off a lil =p The new baby is still in his plastic wrapper...hihi

What I want next? Dave Pelzer's story written by his own bro, Richard Pelzer.

Think there are 2 books related to Dave Pelzer's case which are :
1. A Brother's Journey : Surviving a Childhood of Abuse
2. A Teenager's Journey : Overcoming a Childhood of Abuse


SuNshinE said...

u r so lucky coz amir bought it for u..later i nk pnjm k ;)

. Ruz . said...

U can do so when I'm done with it. I'm now starting to have my nose stuck in The Last Lecture. A book I should have read long time ago.Hihi


Hi Ruz,

Thanks for dropping by. Looking at your blog give me some idea to improve my reading blog ...nak kena letak rating la ....hehehe ..anyway keep on reading ...

p/s : heard about MPH sales (katanye the whole year) ...but do not have enough info ...

aMiR said...

Hei that book is exclusively for you. This wasnt in the contract when i bought it for u. Think we'll have to charge alia. What do u think? hehe

BTW, the comments area is nicely improved. Well done.

Luxembourg said...

I saw Dave Pelzer on a talk show, and he was telling about the books he wrote - his life story. Of course, he talked of being abused by his Mother. I bought the books and when I started reading, I kept reading.I'd put it down for a few hours and I found myself picking it up. What that boy went through is unimaginable. It was inhuman, and after I read the last book and closed it, one statement came into my mind. In the end, all he wanted was his Mothers love and approval which he never had. This is a gut wrenching triligy of books but this man lived through it. I hope everyone comes away from this book much more educated about child abuse.

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