Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Skin Deep by Catherine Barry

Skin Deep
Catherine Barry
Pocket Books

Skin Deep certainly makes a girl appreciates herself better especially if all she cares about is how she looks. The main character, Finn didn't have a very girly childhood as she wasn't treated like one. Her father sees nothing good in her. She grew up thinking she is ugly. She moved out of her house and got a job in a bank. She was doing pretty well. However, she was still lacking self-confidence that she deserted to have breast implants. Her world went to the top. She had all the attention from guys and she had confidence boost. While she was busy with her new "chest", she upsetted her only bestfriend and the guy she was interested in. She was also too engrossed in her looks to realize the guy she is interested in is also interested in her. *sighhhhh* She lose self-respect. Well, it all ends well. This book has a happy ending so...I'm not gonna spoil the story. =p Read it to enjoy it.

Who I'd recommend this book to?
All the girls who believe good bodies are all that matters. Guyz, look at the stupid great length women go through to impress you. What do you do in return? =p *jkjk*

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