Thursday, February 12, 2009

Reading Tools

Books could come with accessories too. Just like how you buy a fancy cover for your Apple iStuff, handphones and laptops.

Crucial thing to be done before reading a book (esp if it is your book and u plan to not give it away) is WRAP it!!! =p When you pause your reading, use a bookmark so that you
- don't have to dog ears the page(s) you stop at.
- use a lil portion of your brain to remember the page number.
- lay your book flat opened on the floor/bed/... and spoil its spine.
- don't lose the last page you were at.

Btw, bookmarks could be anything as long as it is thin enough to be inbetween the pages and do not ruin the book.

I'm aware of the existence of reading tools as I often see it at the bookstore. MPH even sell theirs online. They have manifiers which serve as bookmarks, fancy wire bookmark, wallet readers which are thin traveling reading glasses and more.

To view what they have, click here.

I believe Times, Kinokuniya and Borders has got their own range of reading tools too but I couldn't get hold of any items on their websites. It is available in most of their stores though.

Today I bumped into an interesting tool. It provides lighting where readers need it; on the page they are at! This would be useful for those who usually have a hard time to turn off the lights when they are done reading at night right before their bedtime.Wanna know more? Click here. The website is in Mandarin and No!I do not read Mandarin...can't read :( but the pics are there. I believe this item is battery operated but not too sure what kind of battery it uses and if it comes with a warranty. I might get one I think (not now though)....for future usage. ;) See the pic above and maybe you'll get what I mean. LOL! The price? RM15 only. Pretty impressive.

When I read academic-related books and need to jot down quick notes, I use Post-It notes. :) I find it very convenient and yea...I could keep my book clean and at the same time jot down important points I've read in the page.

Other tool which I think would be nice to have is an electronic dictionary (if you call it a tool at all). There are so many brands out there with so many different features and languages. I'm yet to get one. *teehee* As of now, I'm fine with the webster I've got on my shelf...and yeah, Mr.Dictonary Dot Com is sufficient enough. (link to eDictionary post)

To those of you who thinks I'm super fussy and thinks I'm taking too much care of my books, here's for you. I love my books very much!!!


Ricebug2 said...

I just read the site provided by you, and its say that you just need 4 AAA batteries. Its can operate for around 30 hour with those battery... =]

. Ruz . said...

Wah lauuu....4 AAA?But for 30hours...not bad. Thanks :)

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